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The essences - Prato Fortunato Legnami
Selezioniamo solo le piante migliori per essere certi di avere un impatto ambientale minimo e di offrire un prodotto finale che parte da una materia prima di qualità assoluta.
Legnami, Tavolame, Essicazione, Piante, Legno
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The essences


“ Ash timber is used mainly for products that have to withstand mechanical stresses and in particular to bending and warping. It was once used especially for the production of skis, sleighs, tennis rackets, golf clubs, oars, handles and car parts. Nowadays it used above all for furniture, fine decoration, household objects and handicrafts, floors, stairs and coffins. “



“Wood appreciated for its mechanical features and natural durability to fungus, widely used since ancient times for load-bearing structures, shipbuilding and hydraulics (in the past throughout Europe it had a key role in the building of ships) and for heavy woodwork. It is currently used for the production of furniture, floors, internal and external doors, barrel staves and containers, and boat parts. “



“ While the coppice provide poles of various sizes, for agricultural use and plaiting material,  production of planks, wood for industry and firewood, from the stems of the larger specimens, if free from defects,  beams, joinery planks, rustic furniture, fixtures and decorative veneers are obtained. “



“Due to the good workability and aesthetic features of the stem, the sycamore maple wood is intended for fine carpentry work in the production of furniture, veneered lists for prestigious flooring, crafts and lathes. The pieces which are free of defects and moire are sought after for the basis of arched musical instrumts. “



“The black poplar wood is intended for the production of casings, boxes, packaging, matches and for some internal carpentry work such as the production of furniture doors. The poplar which is grown in plantation is the most used wood in Italy and is generally intended for stripping. “



“For its high aesthetic value and good mechanical properties walnut has been and still is one of the most sought-after species for the production of furniture and fine decor, it is also used for handicrafts, decorative wooden elements, kicking for rifles, pool sticks, flooring and shears for wood  veneering. Some drumshells have particular, prestigious roots and feathers. “



“Wood which is appreciated for its workability and easiness to dye and paint. It is intended for carving and fine carpentry and the production of interior furnishings. Used in the making of toys, frames, musical instrument parts, brush handles and sculptures. It also provides excellent wood wool. “



“Appreciated above all for its particular appearance, used for the production of floors and fine furniture, works of sculpture, carving and woodwork, tools, craft items, handles and lathe.”



“The main use of this wood is very old, it was traditionally used to produce arches, especially in Great Britain. Nowadays it is used mainly for its appearance in  the production of handicrafts, turnery and cabinet-making. “



“Since ancient times this has been much appreciated in  the production of fine carpentry, chests, (substances that act in emanating mothballs), high quality fixtures, soundboards, cabinet making, inlays and carvings, cigar boxes, decorative items and veneers.  It was widely used in the past for the construction of temples and royal palaces in North Africa and the Near East.”



“The Locust wood is valued for its natural durability and hardness, it is intended primarily for foundation piling, agricultural poles, heavy woodwork, blocks, floor slates and containers. Its  characteristic look is appreciated for the production of furniture doors. A very particular use is in the making of barrels used to produce balsamic vinegar.”