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History - Prato Fortunato Legnami
Selezioniamo solo le piante migliori per essere certi di avere un impatto ambientale minimo e di offrire un prodotto finale che parte da una materia prima di qualità assoluta.
Legnami, Tavolame, Essicazione, Piante, Legno
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The Birth

The Prato group started in 1948 when three brothers Natalino, Gaudenzio and Luigino founded fratelli Prato SNC.



Since then there has been a long history of activities related to the sawmill and alcomerce of the best essences.
Starting with Ash and French oak then widening the market to all European hardwoods.

The 90’s

In the 90s, the company broke up and was inherited by Fortunato, Natalino’s son who with a deep  knowledge of wood due to experience and a degree in Science Forestry, brought significant improvements in the production field by introducing an oven system for drying and changes in processing.

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Today’s customers

In an increasingly changing world, Prato Timbers retains its tradition by touching on particular sectors and collaborators:




conservative restorations (convents, belfries, stately homes);


architects and furniture experts with whom we collaborate to select the raw material most suitable to the customer’s needs.
supply of beams, planks and parquets for the realization of exclusive settings;